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Adding senses of luxury to compliment your Thai cuisine with fine wine

One thing to fulfill your meal with style for you to indulge yourself with the taste of your meal and to create special moments with your beloved is the wine. Wine can be divided into 2 main categories, which are white wine and red wine.
The different colors of the wine come from different varieties of grapes used in the fermentation process. Red wine has an astringent taste while white wine has a stronger taste of sweet and sour with lesser astringent taste making it easier to drink.

With the astringent taste of red wine, people prefer to drink it with red meats such as beef or lamb, especially with grilled foods as the astringent taste of the wine will help quench the greasy taste of the meat. For Thai people, they are used to the image of red wine being paired with western foods such as beefsteak or smoky lamb, as well as cheese and varieties of salad but the truth is wine and Thai foods are quite a perfect match.

Not only bistro, brassier western restaurants or fine dining restaurants serve wines but having wine in a casual dining restaurant is a good match too as wine helps add value to the restaurant and create more special experiences for the customer.

The wine that is most popular to pair with Thai food is “white wine” as it is the type of wine that goes well with spicy and sour tastes of Thai food such as, the wine from Riesling white grapes that can be paired with your spicy Tom Yum soup because Riesling will bring out the spicy and sour tastes of Tom Yum and add just about perfect touch of flavor to your customer’s favorite meal.

For seafood restaurants that serve fish, shrimp, and imported shellfish, they all go well with white wine, especially Muscadet, Albarino, and Chardonnay, which are perfect matches with steamed and grilled seafood. The sour taste of the wine of these three grapes will bring out the freshness of seafood to satisfy your heart’s desire.

For restaurants that serve curries with coconut milk as an ingredient such as Green Curry, Chicken Coconut Soup or Pork Panang Curry, it is recommended these curries be eaten along with white wine that has been fermented for a long time, or full-bodied white wine. The sour taste in white wine will reduce the oiliness of the coconut milk and that way the curries can be eaten more deliciously.

For a notable dish of Thailand like “Pad Thai”, it is a good match with a variety of wines, either white and red, such as Villa Girardi – Garganega / Trebbiano Veronese, which are favorites of people who love sour wine. The sour taste of the wine will break the greasiness of Pad Thai just right, such as wines like Hardys stamp- Riesling/Gewurztraminer, white wines with a fruity aroma. The sweetness of the wine will bring out the sweetness of the Chan rice noodles to moisten in the mouth for a better taste that is more appetizing. These are the wines that are popular among Thai people to pair with national dishes.

For red wine, the recommendation is Bottega – Cabernet Sauvignon, the premium wine from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, that is outstanding with an intense and strong taste that will watch away the greasy taste in the mouth excellently.

Although, generally, Sommelier would not recommend red wine with Thai food because red wine contains tannin that gives an astringent taste. The astringent taste would interfere with the taste of food. While, tannin would bring out the spicy taste, making Thai food that is already spicy, spicier. But it does not mean that red wine does not match with Thai food. There are varieties of red grapes that match such as the ‘Light Bodied Red Wine’. It is a light-bodied wine as its name suggests and contains less tannin and alcohol. It is matched with intense Thai food that is not very spicy such as Massaman Curry, Khao Soi, and Thai Sour Soup, as well as other greasy foods such as grilled chicken, grilled pork neck also go well with red wine, especially wines from Pinot Noir grapes from Burgundy region and Gamay red wine from the Beaujolais region in France that are notable by low amount of tannin and fresh aroma of berries such as strawberries and raspberries.

It can clearly be seen that wine is another option that will give an impression and delivers special experiences for customers. Not only just buying wine but the storage and serving of wine also count. Using the correct type of wine glass will surely bring out the flavor of the wine to the maximum for the drinker to experience. It also shows the attentiveness of the restaurant as the first impression that makes customers want to come back for more.

Many restaurants invest in importing many fine wines but fail to bring out the aesthetic taste of fine wines to the fullest because they tend to forget to give importance to wine glasses and use only one type of wine glass to serve every type of wine. Just because of that, the customer could not experience the profound taste of fine wines fully, which is such a miss as a saying “Life is too short to drink good wine from second-rate glasses”.

Good wine glass must have a long stem with clear, thin glass, specially designed to support varieties of wines such as Bordeaux wine glass, which is tall with a smaller bowl. But for Burgundy red wine, usually, the bowl of the glass is big with the rim of the glass that is wider than Bordeaux wine glass. For Burgundy Grand Crus, the rim of the glass is a little wider to allow the wine to flow towards the tip of the tongue for the drinker to experience the sweet taste from fruits first.

At Ocean Glass, we have a variety of wine glasses for red, white and sparkling wines (champagne) to choose from such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, White Wine and Red Wine, as well as cocktail glasses to meet the strengths of many grape varieties. The glasses from Ocean Glass are made of good quality materials that are durable and shiny for a long period of time with the right thickness that keeps the wine temperature stable to fulfill happiness in every meal and impress the customer with attentiveness in each and every detail to ensure that their dinner is a memorable one.

Learn about restaurants for a better experience with Ocean Glass. Inquire about all kinds of beverage for your restaurant at

Learn about restaurants for a better experience with Ocean Glass.
Inquire about all kinds of beverage for your restaurant at