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How to choose “House Wine” for your restaurant?

Nowadays, Fine Dining is becoming more popular among Thai customers. Usually the customers seek for a place to ‘feel special’ in which Fine Dining answers to the demand with great service. Thus, with the increasing popularity of Fine Dining experience, usual restaurants are adopting the culture to make their restaurant more unique and exclusive. One of the adopted Fine Dining uniqueness is House Wine.

House Wins is wine that does not identify to a certain brand. House Wine is served to the customers thus, it is considered to be the ‘first impression’ of the business, making this a fairly crucial factor for the restaurant to carefully choose the wine to represent.

Premium wine or cheap wine? Which one should be House Wine for your restaurant?

In choosing House Wine for your restaurant, the first thing you have to know is the quality, which one is the best for what reason? You have to understand that House Wine is usually frequently served for the customers. Therefore, a cheaper wine would be recommended.

However, what if you have the ability to invest? What if your aim is to make the business look more exclusive? Should you be buying a better quality wine? The answer is not really. While it is true that the right wine it could bring out the taste and compliments a dish, the point of House Wine is to get the customers drinking! Therefore, instead of investing so much on wine for customers who are not really ‘wine lovers’, you should be investing in something more useful. If customers want a bottle of premium wine, they will order it themselves.

How to choose House Wine?

Even though House Wine is not a pricey or premium wine, do not forget the fact that it is frequently served so the most important factor is not the price but it should be the right wine that brings joy and compliments your dish.

Therefore, in choosing House Wine is a fairly delicate method yet not so complicated. Of course, House Wine could be both white or red wine. It is quite important to have two options available because the customers might not know a lot about wine but what they know is what they’d like to have between the two.

Today, Ocean Glass would like to give you some tips in choosing House Wine:

  • Look for wine that would have a ‘global’ taste: this type of wine is easy to drink, not too bitter or fruity. It is a ‘safe’ option for all customers because you might get a couple of foreigners once in a while.
  • Choose House Wine that would go together with your menus and the dish’s price. Some of your dishes may cost a lot, therefore your House Wine should not be expensive so that the customer would order both the dish and wine.
  • Wine should not have a ‘complex’ taste. Thinking of the customer who does not frequently drink wine, by having a complex taste and textured wine could create confusion therefore, to play it safe, you could ask a wine taster to help you choose which is best.
  • Think of the menu! Which one would go well with your wine? For instance, white wine would go well with seafood or Mediterranean diet whereas red wine would have different ‘Body’ a more diluted Body would go well with roasted vegetables and chicken dish. While a heavy Body wine would be perfect with meat.
  • Be considerate of your restaurant’s atmosphere and the wine glass. A glass could bring out the best feature of the wine also it could compliment your restaurant with this little detail that would impress all wine lover

As we have mentioned, House Wine is almost like a ‘door to the restaurant’. In choosing a suitable House Wine will enhance the experience for the customers and create a long lasting impression of the restaurant’s uniqueness. Lastly, do not forget that before choosing a good House Wine, the first thing that would catch the attention is the wine glass!

Good quality wine glass from Ocean Glass can enhance your House Wine

Drinking wine is considered as an art form and each art paint should have a complimenting frame. Therefore, in consuming wine the frame of art is the glass that you choose! Moreover, rather than ‘the look’, a quality glass wine could bring out the wine’s distinctive taste.

Wine glass from Ocean Glass is a quality wine glass that is internationally recognized. Also, with international standards we can guarantee durability and designs which meet the understanding of different types of wine. This makes the wine glasses by Ocean Glass able to compliment different wines for every restaurant.

If you are looking for a wine glass that is suitable for red wines, Ocean Glass recommends Sante Red Wine glass that is designed especially for red wines. It is suitable for serving red wine that is strong, bitter, and with a heavy body. The shape of the wine glass is narrow, small mouth, easy to handle. Also, it is able to store the rich aroma of the wine without evaporating, maintaining the taste of heavy red wine properly. Moreover, with the special design of V shape bottom, it increases perceived volume of wine, visual cue for optimal wine volume pour control.

In addition, if you are looking for a wine glass for white wines, Ocean Glass also has Madison White Wine glass. It is Ocean’s beautiful white wine glass with oversized design collection, is perfect for serving wine. The oversized bowl helps increase the surface area of wine and encourage wine aromas to be released while swirling. The classic elegant design of Madison comes with a thin rim to perfectly uplift the drinking experience.

While it is important to choose the right House Wine for your restaurant, please do not forget to choose a wine glass that fits your shop. Ocean Glass is more than happy to be a part of the front door, helping to impress your customers with the House Wine that you have carefully selected.

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