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How to choose the right location to match your restaurant’s style?

Nowadays, opening a restaurant is considered to be a very popular choice of business. There are many interesting restaurants popping up in various places in the city. But, why do some stores have fewer customers than they should, despite the taste of the food and the atmosphere? The answer is simple, it is due to one important factor which is the location of the store!

A great restaurant’s location Is the restaurant location that matches the style of your restaurant. Each restaurant has different target groups and customers therefore, not everywhere is suitable for a new restaurant. So, today we will take a look at how to choose a location that will suit the style of your restaurant.

Also, we will identify various factors that could affect the location selection, which is the style of the store, location, target group, parking lot, and location rental.

The style of your restaurant. What kind is it?

Of course, each restaurant has different menus. But, there are stores that are similar in styles. So, understanding the style of your store could help you understand other factors about choosing a location and your definite dream customer!

1. Fine dining restaurant

The fine dining restaurant is a restaurant that serves dinner. Also, provide a luxurious experience for the customers. In this type of restaurant create wondrous menus like no other! The main point of this restaurant is not focusing on the ‘quantity’ of customers but, mainly focusing on the quality of the customers. As the restaurant needs ‘peace and privacy’ to create a great atmosphere overall. Therefore, a fine dining restaurant should not be in the location where it is too crowded.

2. Chilling Style Restaurant

This business style includes; cafes, chill out shops, and family friendly restaurants. This type of shop focuses on ‘feeling comfortable’ and various menus of delicious food that can be eaten throughout the day. The atmosphere and availability of the store is considered to be crucial for Chilling type restaurants as customers may want to sit and work at the shop all day.

The location that is suitable for this type of shop should be where there are people walking pass all day and the shop should be wide and airy in order for customers to gather up and feel comfortable. Another thing that Chilling shops should think about is its ‘aesthetic and vibe’. It should be a nice place for people to take pictures for sharing on social media because customers who come to this type of shop are usually looking for a great spot to take pictures as well.

3. Mass style restaurant

This kind of restaurant mainly focuses on sales and on their special or unique menu. It is a shop that if anyone can’t think of anything to eat then they will come to this restaurant. The highlights of the business are friendliness and their accessibility. Customers would be coming in to eat continuously so to choose a location for this type of restaurant, choose somewhere that is quite crowded. Also, for this type of store, it should not be too fancy or luxurious otherwise, the customers wouldn’t feel comfortable as they were expecting a normal meal that can be eaten comfortably.

Choose the restaurant location to suit your style.

After knowing your own style then it is time for you to scout for a location! You have to be mindful of the location as it may not fit your shop’s style. In addition, there is so much more than a good renting price to be considered. Now, let’s see what kind of place is suitable for different styles of shop.

1. Shopping Mall / Office building

Restaurants in a tall building or mall have an advantage in terms of convenience. It tends to be a convenient location to travel and guaranteed to be crowded where people can certainly see your restaurant. But, there is a disadvantage in terms of having a lot of competitors because restaurants that are already famous are often packed with customers all day. So, if you are planning to open a restaurant in the mall, then you have to think about whether your store will have enough features to fight with competitors in the same location or not.

The restaurant that is suitable for this type of place is Mass or Chilling, because there are customers who want to be exclusive and want to share common food together.

2. Location beside the main road

The advantage of this place is that it is easily accessible and if located alone, there will be no competitors. Also, you can customize the size of your store which makes it convenient to expand in the future as well. Moreover, you can build a lot of parking lots as well.l However, the disadvantage to this is that stores like this are hard to recognize. Especially the road that has cars passing and if the shop decoration is not attractive enough, this may cause the people to just drive pass by without paying attention.

This type of area is a perfect fit for a restaurant that focuses on being unique to attract customers. Making it an ideal location for fine dining, or if you want to open a large chilling restaurant it is also suitable.

3. Building near the community / marketd

The area near the community or market is an area where there are a lot of people living. A variety of customer groups can be found here. So, it is a great place for a shop that wants to create a friendly shop for the community. Nevertheless, the disadvantage of this type of location is that most of the time there is usually a cramped area. Difficult to open a big and comfortable store but, it’s a good method to add more branches instead.

The restaurant that is suitable for this area is the mass restaurant that needs a lot of customers. Those mass stores that have different menus from other stores, will be fairly successful because there will be no competitors.

Parking lost. Another thing to think about for a good location.

Normally when thinking of a good location people will think about the suitability of the place, customer characteristics, or transportation. But, what is often forgotten is the restaurant’s parking space. Parking is very important for restaurants because if the restaurant doesn’t have enough parkings, it could cause customers to be dissatisfied. People who intend to come to the store drive away if there is no space left. Therefore, when choosing the store’s location, you should also think about parking at the same time, too.

1. Parking space for a Chilling-style restaurant

The shop that should have the most parking is the Chilling restaurant, whether it is a coffee shop or a family restaurant. You should calculate if there is enough parking space for the number of tables in your store.

2. Parking for hot food, fine dining style

For fine dining restaurants, there should be dedicated parking as well. This is because most of the customers are considered as high level customers who like or usually travel by their own car.

3. Parking space for a mass style restaurant.

Mass stores if not located next to public transport then it is a good idea to have parking space as well. But if your shop doesn’t have enough space to build a parking lot, we recommend you to find somewhere else for customers to park.

Although the location is good, the menu is delicious but still not successful. What can you do?

If you want your restaurant to be successful in sales, choosing a location to suit the target audience is considered fairly important. The right location could make a restaurant recognizable and popular. But, to attract more customers, it is not just the good location that matters!

In addition to the location, paying attention to the kitchenware, utensils or glassware is equally important as it could be something that impresses the customers as well. Good quality glasses will compliment the overall atmosphere and food in your shop. Ocean glass is a high quality glass that is durable, beautiful, and meets international standards.

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