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Go Green at your restaurant! The movement for the world: Change your restaurant for an environmentally friendly image

Nowadays, people are more aware of the environmental issue which leads to many social movements for the change of the world. Therefore, this has affected all kinds of business, making them become more Eco-friendly. Eatery business is also included regarding this matter. In addition, according to research, customers agreed that they have a positive feeling towards Eco-friendly stores more than non-Eco friendly ones. Thus, as an entrepreneur, if you do not put this matter into consideration, it may lead to your business decline in popularity.

Eco-friendly restaurant: a restaurant that increase in sales and help to preserve the environment

Many might ask the question of why they must change or revolve around this Eco trend since in managing the change, there is a lot to invest in. For example, decorations, equipments or ingredients. Will it all be worth the price to pay?

Firstly, you will need to understand that Eco-friendly matter is not just a ‘trend’ as it is a social movement for people of the world that is continuously changing the way of life. This means it would affect the choice of restaurant made by customers. Meaning that if a store does not answer to the needs then it would affect the business in the long run.

Moreover, the Eco-friendly trend does not only create a positive image for the business but it actually helps our world too! Also, in saving the environment it could help reduce any unnecessary expense due to the fact that Eco-friendly promotes the idea of recycling. But, if you are worried about finding Eco decorations…fear not! There are plenty for you to choose in various ranges of price.

Easy steps to change your store to a Green store!

This Eco trend has been around for quite some time now, that is why different restaurants, big or small, have their own ways to project the Eco atmosphere. Here are five ways to help you get your Eco-friendly store going!

1. Use dishes and cleaning utensils that are Eco-friendly.

One of the most important things for making your restaurant look greener is to use equipment that saves the world such as, recycled dishes, bowls, glasses, cooking utensils or even organic cleaners such as dishwashing liquid and window cleaner. These little details will be impressive to the customer’s eyes and give the image of the restaurant whether your store is Eco-friendly or not. In addition, dishes or glasses that are green materials are often durable. This means it could be used for a long time and does not need to be changed frequently.

2. Recycle and use waste food as a fertilizer

It is common for people to know that cycling is the key to help save the environment. Anything could be used for a second or third time for a different purpose. For instance, separating materials to be used as a shop decoration like recycled chairs or use waste straw to make bowls or to simply donate the waste plastic to build artificial arms and prostheses. These could help create a ‘truly Green’ image for the store. Also, customers could use their leftovers and make fertilizer to be used later on for their organic garden.

3. Reduce the use of paper and plastic

Whether using paper straw or paper cup when it is used, these things will become wastes. Some restaurants may use paper cups to serve beverages to customers. It is more environmentally friendly if the store uses glass instead. Moreover, not only that glass will give a unique characteristic to the shop but it helps save the world at the same time.

4. Use edible containers

Aside from reducing the use of paper and plastic containers. The idea of edible containers, utiitsl, and straws are great too! It may be uncommon however, at present, there are some natural friendly equipment that can be eaten when finished. For instance, Thailand has produced straw made from stevia.

5. Reduce the use of water

When talking about preserving the environment today, people might forget about saving energy and resources, especially water usage. The restaurants tend to use up a lot of water. Some studies have shown that restaurants are using thousands of gallons of water per year! In order to conserve water, try the method of serving water in a glass of water for the customers instead of serving a bottle of water. Another way is to calculate how many dishes should be washed before washing the dishes to help save the water source.

Ocean Glass supports your restaurant to Go Green!

All in all, many restaurants are adapting to be Green according to the global awareness. Thus, it is always a good idea for your store to reduce waste, especially plastic waste. It can be done easily just by switching from plastic to glass. Us, Ocean Glass, we strongly encourage every restaurant to Go Green and to use the glass to serve customers instead of plastic.

Also, in case that you are looking for a beautifully designed and durable glass that will impress the customers, we would love to recommend the Ocean Sensation Rock drinking glass. Moreover, if your restaurant is a modern looking restaurant that emphasizes a simple atmosphere but, still want to enhance the image in accordance with the trend of Eco – friendly. Ocean glass, we also have a Centique Rock glass with a distinctive design. It has a unique glass mouth design with a free shape along with the quality of clear glass of international standards. To ensure that it can be used for a long time. These collections are inspired by contemporary shape to keep up with the trend which can guarantee that customers will not only be impressed by the Asian quality glass and its outstanding design but also they will be pleased by the fact that your store is putting an effort into being the part of saving our world.

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