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Healthy trend, healthy option with Plant-Based Protein

If one wonders what’s a ‘hot trend’ right now the answer would be health care trend as people are putting more concern about their own health, in which has impacted the consumer culture and change in behavior. Whether it is the increased popularity of fitness or clean food, food high in protein and low in calories. It is suitable for weight loss and also prevents diseases, for example, high blood pressure. It is a trend in which all the restaurants should learn to apply to their business.

Plant-Based Protein a New Menu Every Kitchen Should Know

To put it simply, it is the consumption mainly on vegetables. However, only fiber is not enough for anyone to go about their day. Therefore, Plant-Based protein is needed for balanced nutrients . Also, these plants are produced without any color extraction or processing to keep the benefit of fresh vegetables as much as possible. In addition, this dish reduces the amount of meat and processed food. Overall, a healthy choice.

The Plant-Based Protein food does not use any particular ingredient instead they have a mixture of ingredients that blend a variety of food to fit the amount of body needs. A good restaurant should start creating a Plant-Based Protein menu to support this new customers ‘ needs.

The Source of Protein from Plants. Where Can It be Found?

Nowadays, the trend brings about the development in taste of the food made from vegetables, creating more menus for customers to choose. This makes it much easier for everyone to find vegetables or plants that provide high protein. Now, Ocean Glass would like to share some of the best sources of protein to you!

  • Soy product: this is the most original source of protein! It could be transformed into many dishes such as tofu dish
  • Quinoa: Quinoa is a type of rice that is rich in protein though it is expensive due to the fact that it is hard to produce but in our society it is high in demand
  • Various types of beans, whether black beans, red beans, or green beans provide high protein as well.
  • Peanuts such as almond and hazelnut, these nuts have high protein but also contain fat as well
  • Green leaves vegetables: broccoli and spinach are not very high in protein (average of 4 grams in 100 grams of vegetable). Nevertheless, it provides various of other nutrients like vitamin C and calcium

These protein sources have different protein intake. For instance, in Glass 1 equals 100g of protein, it provides 50g protein, while soybean gives 36g, and Quinoa is 14g of protein. With this information, a restaurant should look at the amount of protein in each raw material to match the menu in order to enhance the food Plant-Based Protein dish.

Ocean Glass, we support healthy lifestyle

One of the factors to attract your customers is a nice looking plate. Plant-Based protein would go well with a premium container such as Ocean Glass. If you are looking for a pretty bowl to serve your salad with then Sonoma Salad Bowl 10’ is the answer! This big bowl would make your salad menu look fresher due to the durable and premium glass with international standard. In terms of design…you would not have to worry! Sonoma Salad Bowl is beautifully designed, worthy to have in every kitchen.

If your kitchen already has salad bowl in stock then maybe you are looking for a new glass to serve smoothie with your Plant-Based menu. We, Ocean Glass have just the glass for you! A Trinity Long Drink, a tall glass suitable for smoothie or fresh pressed juice!

For modern restaurants, the menu adjustment to suit your customers ‘ needs is the key to success! Healthy trend is the key for your customers’ healthy body, it also helps to increase the value of your food. However, do not just think about creating a Plant-Based menu but think of the presentation of your dish as well as it is also important to make your menus look presentable and fresh.

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